SLM, Musiques & Manuscrits, Saint-Clar (32)

A flight of bright colors in winter time... The artist SLM triggers positive waves through her painting!

SLM has just exhibited at the multimedia library of Saint Clar on the theme "Musiques & Manuscripts" with collages, oils and acrylics. The target of the Music theme is to develop the musical scale along 7 paintings: a geometric background in shades of gray, some reliefs for tone, volume, pitch and harmonics. And next to them, are these ancient or futuristic manuscripts showing a hint of gilding, silver and some symbols?

Meeting with the artist

She is a small, voluble, charming woman, her eyes sparkling with intelligence; one can perceive in her in-depth reflection which gives the impression that she is already actively waiting for inspiration. Yet, she needs silence for music to operate and become resonances of colors; those are moments of great intimacy between the painter and the canvas as she designs her own imaginative pictorial spaces.

Painting is crucial to her; since childhood she has always colored, drawn; she has never stopped. Here are designs; she conducts her paintings in music: a slightly fuzzy process which consists in using fabric rectangles glued on the canvas and painted erratically.

Her painting

She says "I use my knife with paint on the collage; one, then two collages, according to the music notes of the scale that I read in the international way. I use geometry to make a coherent set because I am fanciful and imaginative; thus, I am structured more or less. Geometry encloses the movement. As a result, life movement appears on the canvas. I have just been painting Vivaldi’s Seasons. My paintings are colored, structures are broken. Movement is more in line extensions and in spaces that are beyond the canvas."

Let the music play

Music evokes colors; from there on, the artist makes sure that colors enter the graphics. There is always a notion of progression along lines, curves, backtrackings, too! The music does not “inspire” her; she rather uses her knowledge of it and the privileged moments she listens to it. Vivaldi's Four Seasons become her seasons; she makes a transcription of them on the canvas.

Where does she live?

She lives in Lot-et-Garonne near Villeneuve sur Lot. She says: "At first, my studio was my room, but later I transformed it. It has become an old farmhouse that we have converted. The art studio has expanded into a School of Young Talents. “We will expose the people who come to the art class. I was a teacher, I want to pass the torch to others and, amid painters, one can easily transmit art tips."

SLM is a Parisian. In 2005, she exhibited in Paris and, from one thread to another, she came to live in the South-West (besides, her very first exhibition in the region was here in Saint Clar), then she exhibited in Bordeaux, Toulon, Germany… Her wish would be to exhibit in Berlin or New York.

Living at the rhythm of the seasons, her house located in the mid of a vast country area, she concludes "the artists appreciate coming to my art studio; they get back to the tranquility of the place with no pressure from the art market - they paint what they like.

To contact SLM
Mobile : 06 07 06 56 53
Christine Couderc
07/02/2018, Le journal du Gers

SLM - Exposition Saint-Clar 2018
Photo : The artist in front of one of her works

SLM is welcomed for the second time at Saint-Clar Mediatheque in the Gers.

The settings are full of charm; the garden of the old Prieuré with its ancient statues is surrounded with beautiful walls of stone.

In this silent place, which is wholly alive and proper to dreaming and deep thinking, the artist will hang her paintings near the large windows, not far from books of all kinds.

Music panels

The music scale is represented in 7 paintings.

A=La, B=Si, C=Do, D=Ré, E=Mi, F=Fa, G=Sol.

The collage is a reference: 1, 2, 3... elements for A, B, C...

CThe collage is visible upon a geometric background of shades of gray, offering the surprise of some reliefs which represent tone, volume, pitch and harmonics.


Writings, graphics, erased features, unfinished texts, footprints... Are they ancient or futuristic manuscripts? Notice a hint of gold and silver. Are they symbols?

The artist will appreciate your presence and your warm welcome.