Who is SLM?

SLM was born in Paris.

Her parents were artists. As a child she read books on fine art, went to exhibitions and museums.
As an adolescent, she wrote poems and started painting (oil pastel, oil on cardboard, wood panel and canvas).

For ten years she has studied the piano, music theory and harmony in a music school, then she discovered freestone sculpture and resumed her painting dramatically (oil on canvas and wood panel, but also graphite, charcoal, pastel, watercolor).

"Painting is a necessity, an urgency. Painting is not a hobby but a full time job like any other work. You cannot count the hours as time is suspended. The drawing vibrates under the colours; it is drowned in them, but still present, imperious"

Her new name as an artist is simply her initials: SLM...

Warmth and Generosity

The ardent painting of SLM combines a confident and neat drawing, a flourishing fullness of lines, shapes and colours, with graceful and elegant patterns, either in portrait, landscape, still life, musicians or horses.
When SLM sculpts freestone, the result is simple and sober. She pierces, opens, breaks through the material, while respecting its density, as water and the wind would do.

« "My wounds will explode in colours, in stone broken, and this will be as violent as blood that is shed. I paint against your absence, against the echoes of your absence in my heart. I paint and carve the stone remembering your voices, the sound of your voices, life in them, the music of your laughter, your laughter, and the sound of your guitar, yours. I paint, I strike the echoing and vibrant stone. I am the hammering of fantastic horses, jostled and twisted, epic and sumptuous, who cover the steppes, the forsaken deserts; and in the hollow of dunes, I lie down nostalgic". SLM - Absence, pages 1 and 4