SLM, Architectures au Pluriel, Fleurance (32)

SLM - A Way to Feel

SLM appreciates her visitors’ sensitivity.

Currently, SLM (Sylvie Landois Maynard) hangs her paintings on the rails of Laurentie Gallery at the tourist office until 8 November.
Look for no "beauty" here ... SLM’s passion is for architecture and lines, "but my interest is fading," she says. However, from the start, visitors are fascinated by these lines where the blue, black and gray dominate: they express the artist’s high sensitiveness in addition to an I-don't-know-what of something unfinished. This is what SLM translates on her canvas with the weight of her feelings. Visitors are not insensitive to it. In this art so finely expressed, it is for them to see the traces of that something - or may be that someone for the artist- who is not here or no longer there...
An adept of the American box as a frame, SLM is an atypical expressionist artist. She took courses at a classical School of Fine Arts but soon found as "imprisoned in a narrow conception of art." What served as a basis for her work was the experience of her parents who were artists too. Choosing her own way, she seized the opportunity to express her own creativity and talent. Between two exhibitions, she gives art lessons today and develops a passion for sculpture. Here is an artist to discover without moderation at Laurentie Gallery, Tourist Office.
We started our purpose with the following "look for no beauty here", let’s add that on the opening day, we searched in vain for the "local cultural authorities" who were blatantly invisible...
"Alain Laffargue, Petit Journal du Gers"

Article exposition SLM Fleurance 2014

SLM, Some Paintings and a Mysterious Name

SLM, an artist who will not leave you indifferent

Until November 8, Laurentie gallery hosts SLM, a painter artist. The mysterious initials reflect a painting which at first seems to be as mysterious. Indeed the first outlook on the works is calling you, questioning you, let you skeptical. We try to understand. Then gradually the light comes, the illumination: emotion is present there. No, this is not an impressionist painting but a work created among the jolts and shocks of life. Few curves, but straight lines, very straight lines that intersect sharply... Two dominant colors, blue and gray ... Deep or bright blue, light or darkness, light gray for sadness and melancholy. Rarely was such painting the host of Laurentie gallery. SLM is painting out of love and transcend it art work after art work. She herself says in her soft voice that she does not knows how far she will go ... She could be compared to an architect in painting, a builder: the brush is firm and straight but with curve and softness. Time no longer counts for her and her painting is vital for us to think about. An exhibition not to be missed at Laurentie gallery every weekday from 9:00 to 12:00 and 2:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.
Christian Belarde, La Dépêche du Midi"

Article exposition SLM Fleurance 2014