SLM, Chiffres et Mosaïques, Lacapelle-Biron (47)

Lacapelle-Biron. Exhibition of the month at the Cyber Tavern

SLM, Chiffres et Mosaïques, Lacapelle-Biron (47)
SLM presents her latest compositions on canvas.

Like every month, a new exhibition covers the walls of the Cyber Tavern. It will last until December 31. It is devoted to the recent works by SLM. The exhibition title is “Figures and Mosaics.”

SLM is a confirmed artist who expresses herself through sculpture or painting. She is designated by her initials only, as to forget a painful past. In Lacapelle, she exhibits paintings from which an impression of consistency and completeness emerges at first glance. Comparable to the way the sky shows serenity after a storm. However, more vivid images in red color appear here and there, the remains of ancient explosions.

Light sepia tones dominate. Mosaics alternate with numbers. Curiously, these give an effect of surprise: they are presented in an unorthodox way. As if prying eyes watched in a mirror. Far from seeking the infinite, they stop at 7, a magical figure charged with symbolism. We feel a very distant inspiration forged by a lifetime. Multiple inspirations perhaps, those ranging from violence to “nostalgic rest in the hollow of dunes.”

Maurice Caumières

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