Monflanquin (47)

Date: January 3-30, 2013
Place: Office du Tourisme de la Bastide

SLM’s exhibition at Monflanquin Tourism Office

SLM is back. She is a painter artist that people in Monflanquin have already met via the GEM when she exhibited in Salle Aquitaine. The success was so big that for the entire month of January she presents four paintings at the Bastide Tourism Office. She has chosen a series called "Cities" made from architectural plans on canvas painted in ink and oil. Those are part of a collection painted in the context of an international exhibition in the Ruhr (Germany), European Capital of Culture in 2011. Her paintings are entitled "Church", "Cité", "Voilier" and "Red Tower". They represent the four corners of the city protecting it between their walls or overlooking the sea... “Those are routes”, SLM says, “on geometric plans in two dimensions, but you can freely go on a 3D journey on a human scale." The exhibition takes place until January 30, on days and hours of the Tourism Office opening. Visitors will be welcomed by the hostess (tel. 05 53 36 40 19). You can contact the artist at 06 07 06 56 53. You can also meet her in her studio at Montmarès.
La Dépêche - 08/01/2013

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