SLM has contributed to numerous exhibitions since 2001: Paris, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Île de Ré, Auch, Toulon, Dinslaken (in Germany)… Her art studio is in Villeneuve-sur-Lot.
EShe shares her artistic work between painting and stone sculpture, drawing and painting, the sobriety of colors as well as their exuberance.
Her interest in architecture, geometric construction, music and writing is reflected in her paintings.
For her third season at La Parenthèse tearoom, SLM is exhibiting seven paintings.
Three large ones on black canvas - titled Are you convinced? – are on the narrowest walls of the Salon. These paintings are with drawings and collages, both figurative and symbolic. They are witnesses to our human folly.
The larger walls welcome a Self Portrait… showing her back (!), and a crowd surrounded with a protective or disturbing signature: The Signature.
Finally, two mysterious paintings - InterStellar and The Red Horse - complete the whole.

Thanks to Corinne for her warm welcome!