SLM, Portes Ouvertes, Atelier d'art de Beyrines (47300)

It is Open Doors at Atelier de Beyrines to welcome many friends and show them the latest paintings by SLM.

On their way to the place, they are welcomed with balloons of all colors as in a party. When they get to the awning of the barn, 7 Let'em Free portraits are directly displayed on its wooden doors. The effect can be heartbreaking: the faces are stamped with misery behind prison bars in transparency. Are they migrants, prisoners, tormented and disinherited people?

To softly counterbalance the effect, the side walls of the awning show gray, white and black paintings (Graphics 1 and 3 and Chiaroscuro) on the left, and flamboyant colored paintings on the right (Question of Humor 8, 9 and 10).

In the veranda, 7 paintings on a semi-circle present the musical range: all together collages, textures, reliefs, oil and acrylic.

The door opens onto the inner courtyard towards the large and bright workshop. Among the paintings on the walls, some are new: the large canvases of Apocalypse 21, Revelation 21 and the eminently colorful Ephod.

Then back to the house, across the veranda into the "Grange aux Belles": the 7 colorful paintings of Genesis are hung to the wood of the old cribs, as well as the 5 Manuscripts with their sober graphics in black and sepia on white and silver and gold touches. These new paintings complete the large canvases, such as draperies, suspended on the opposite walls (Ré, Voiles de Couleurs, Voiles Bleues).

“Open Doors”, an important day when it was decided to create an artistic workshop and an exhibition space at Beyrines, as part of our virtual gallery project: Arts Avenues.